Best Remedies For Toothache Relief

Best Remedies For Toothache Relief

Best Remedies For Toothache Relief

Some of the best remedies for pulpitis relief recommended by our proficient dentists are:

A clove of garlic – Garlic being a natural antibiotic, attacks the bacteria. Crushing garlic and placing it in the cavity helps get toothache relief.

Using onion just the way you would use garlic is also a great pain reliever.

Wheat grass helps too. Chewing wheatgrass can be an excellent remedy for toothache. Wheat grass is your natural mouth wash that pulls out bacteria both from the gums and the teeth.

Using an icepack around the affected area outside the mouth helps numb the pain by numbing the nerves around the roots of the tooth. Ice has excellent anesthetizing properties.

Clove oil is a very effective antiseptic. If clove oil is available at a store near you, there’s nothing better. You are advised to put the clove oil right on to the caries. However if clove oil is hard to find, then crushing a clove and packing it in the cavity will provide tooth ache relief.

Are you aware of the qualities of activated charcoal? It helps relieve the pain in the gums. Crushing it into a paste and packing it into a gauze and placing it in the cavity helps provide toothache relief.

Some of you may have access to those anti inflammatory prescription medicines that your dentist recommended during your last visit. However, you may not be sure if that medicine will work in providing relief from the pain in the current tooth problem you are facing.